Veteran’s Day

11 November 2001

by Evuska Chruszcz 

Our grandfathers charged

San Juan Hill or fought in Europe.

Our fathers fought in

Europe or the Pacific

In the wars to end all war.


We were challenged not

To ask what our country

Could do for us,

Instead ask what we could

Do for our country.

The moon was in our sight


Many of us answered the call.

Some were in foreign lands

To help in the Peace Corp.

Others went to Appalachia –

VISTA members.

Some went to a place

Called Viet Nam.

And some never returned.


Our sons and daughters

Went to Desert Storm.

And others went to Somalia and

Still others to Bosnia.

Some served aboard the USS Cole.


Today we honor them all –

As our tears dry

Over the civilians and

Civil servants who

Died along with those

At the Pentagon.


More veterans are

Being made in Afghanistan.

And we shed

More tears and

Ask, “why?”